Ocean STEAM Initiative

CISF's Ocean STEAM Initiative in the Jamestown Schools

Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation Announces Ocean STEAM Education Initiative

 – CISF expands into year-round programming in the public schools   – 

The 2018 Kindergarten Class makes country flags to put in the Ocean Drifter deployed in February

Jamestown, RI – The Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation (CISF) has expanded into year-round programming in partnership with the Jamestown School District. The new STEAM Ocean Initiative is aimed at inspiring today’s youth to become the next generation of ocean and environmental stewards.

The growing demand for STEAM education and for students to understand and critically evaluate the interconnected role of science, technology, engineering, arts + design, and mathematics – essential skills in today’s fast-paced world, sparked CISF’s programming in the Jamestown public schools. CISF seeks to enrich current curriculum with hands-on experiential learning activities and provide opportunities for students to apply what they learn in the classroom to the marine environment and real life applications.

“The STEAM Ocean Initiative provides tremendous value and service to students in the Lawn Avenue and Melrose schools. This type of education is vital to the future of our island community and our youth.” – Meg Myles, CISF Executive Director

There are multiple programs within the STEAM Ocean Initiative, with each program having a specific focus. Build a Boat and Build a Buoy are exploratory STEM programs providing kindergarten through second graders the opportunity to experiment and learn about buoyancy, building boats, and buoys of their own. The Eco Club is an after-school program for middle school students who have a passion for the environment and finding creative solutions to combat climate change. Nature Buddies pairs third grade students with pre-school students in a mentoring relationship. It is a great opportunity for the third graders to learn about responsibility and leadership for younger children and the natural world.  Backyard Explorers is a program for first, second, third and fourth graders to explore the natural world on the school grounds. Through team building and discovery, the students are creating a strong relationship with each other, to the school grounds, and to the natural world.

This Initiative “hits all the skills we want to develop in our students: collaboration, critical thinking, creation, and communication. The programs teach students about water and their physical space and caring for their environment. As an Island community, I can’t think of a more authentic STEAM experience for our students”. – Lisa Casey, School Librarian .










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CISF Survey + Feedback

We strive to make Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp the best that it can be every season. Parent and camper feedback is crucial to our continued success. Please download a survey/feedback form and either mail it in or e-mail it to CISF Executive Director, Meg Myles.

  • 2 weeks until the start of Sea Adventure Camp!!! 2019 is shaping up to be the best summer yet! #adventuresailing #hobiewaves #seaadventurecamp #youthsailing #jamestownri #ftgetty
  • 2nd graders at Melrose School are testing out their sail designs! Project Build a Boat continues. #buildaboat #saildesign #steam #makerspace #2ndgrade #marineeducation
  • Thanks to Marc at Calico Lobster Company, Midnight Moon is one step closer to deployment. The 65’ lobster boat, Terri-Anne will deploy her.
#midnightmoon #educationalpassages #miniboat #oceandrifter #LobstermanMarc #lobsterboatTerri-Anne #jamestownschools
  • #miniboatonthemove #onestepclosertodeployment #🤞🏻
  • Melrose’s mini boat is one step closer to being deployed. Heading to the Cape tomorrow, weather permitting #midnightmoon #oceandrifter #engagingeducation
  • Jamestown Lawn school epoxy team.
  • Jamestown Lawn students attached the keels to two mini boats today! One step closer to launch!
#jamestownstudentsrock #oceandrifters #educationalpassages
  • Officially Melrose voted on Midnight Moon! The 3rd & 4th grade voted for these designs for the ocean drifter! #eductationalpassages #oceandrifter #melroseschool
  • Built by 3 first graders! This design held 160 golf balls before it sank!! Very innovative design! #youngminds #projectbasedlearning #problemsolving #challenge
  • Build a buoy challenge! All students K-2 were challenged to make a buoy out of pvc pipes, frisbees, and zip ties, and it had to hold more than 50 golf balls before sinking! #buoyancy  #makerspace #projectbasedlearning #challenge #marineeducation
  • Outdoor water refill station at Grand Canyon National Park!
#bringareusablebottle #getoutdoors #nationalparks #nomoreplasticwaterbottles #reduceplasticuse #GCNP
  • Thank you Grand Canyon National Park! Water filling stations are provided throughout the Park and on the trails. They sell NO plastic water bottles and NO plastic bags are used in stores.
#nomoresingleuseplastic #saynotoplastic #mitigateplasticuse #GCNProcks! #WishDisneywoulddothis #saveouroceans #everybottlesavedmakesadifference

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