CISF Future

The mission of CISF is to both provide & promote marine access, marine education, sailing and sailboat racing to people of all ages, abilities, and backgrounds. In doing so, CISF hopes to develop the next generation of ocean and environmental stewards, as well as bring more people into the sport of sailing.

CISF is on target with our mission by providing free sailing on Wednesdays during the summer and holding Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp. Our future vision includes the following:

- A modest growth in camp to eliminate waiting lists

- The addition of a few keel boats so that we can provide programming to adults, wounded warriors, and those with physical special needs

- Other marine related activites, such as rowing

- A Permanent location at Fort Getty in which we can run programs and increase the number of programs that we run. A place where we can store our boats and potentially do repairs during the winter.