Nacra 15 & 29er Sailing

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CISF Great Northern Nacra 15 Sessions

Program Summary:

Our mission is to introduce youth sailors into fun, exciting, & challenging higher performance sail boats with high quality coaching.

Nacra 15 sailing skills include trapezing, spinnakers, and apparent wind sailing with more complex rigging and tuning systems.

  • High quality coaching on high performance boats
  • Intro to Nacra 15/catamarans/apparent wind sailing
  • A variety of opportunities to experience high performance sailing from introductory sessions to more advanced tactical, tuning, and boat handling sessions


Clinics and Practices are generally from 10 am – 4 pm

CISF owns 3 Nacra’s. 6-8 sailors/clinic

Helmets are required and supplied if needed, as are harnesses. (BBTalkin’ units are used to communicate with sailors.)

Life jackets are required. Pinnies are recommended, but not supplied.

Summer 2018 Clinic Pricing:
• Try Nacra 15 Sailing: $50/person/day
• Intro to Nacra Sailing Clinic: $50/person/day
• Catamaran Racing Level 1, Skill Builder: $75/person/day
• Invitational Clinic: $75/person/day

Fall Sailing 2018 Pricing:
• $100/day drop in & sail with your own boat
• $125/day, includes use of fleet boat
• $300 Team-Member commitment – Choose any 4 days ($75/day)
• $100/hour private lesson, 2-hour minimum lesson time recommended

• $14,000 - Purchase your own Nacra 15 – Available Fall 2018

Interested in having a group come sail for a day? Contact Meg Myles for pricing and scheduling. 
Or, contact Richard Feeny:

Contact Meg regarding scholarship opportunities: Or, apply online here:
Scholarship applications are due 11/1 and 5/1.

Clinic & Practice Schedule:

August 6 – 8: FULL Fort Getty, Jamestown - Catamaran Racing Level 1, Skill Builder
Capacity: 8 sailors. Introductory N15 skills must be verified prior to August 6 by either attending training above or having other catamaran experience.
Individuals and teams can apply. Contact: Richard Feeny - $75/day/person (Hours tbd)
Coach: Jim Zellmer

August 10-11: Fort Getty - Intro to Nacra 15 Catamaran Sailing
Capacity: 6-8 sailors. Pre-requisites are intermediate sailing skills and athleticism, age minimum – 12. BYO gloves and trapeze harness if you have one. Pairings will be made on site. Minimum weight = 90 lbs. $100/person ($50/person/day) (Hours tbd)
Coach: Jim Zellmer

August 18-19: Catamaran Racing Level 1, Skill Builder
Capacity: 8 sailors. A repeat of the August 6-10 curriculum. Sailors may do both weeks.
$75/person/day. (Hours tbd)
Coach: Richard Feeny

August 20-24: Try Nacra Sailing, intended for sailors who have not done Level 1 catamaran clinic. Minimum weight: 75 lbs. We will pair sailors – register as individuals. Curriculum will be combo of Intro to Catamarans and Level 1 catamarans. Intermediate sailing skills and athleticism required. Minimum age requirement – 12: Opti sailors, 420 sailors, and Laser sailors encouraged.
$50/person/day. (Hours tbd)
Coach: Richard Feeny

August 27-31: By invitation, contact Richard Feeny if interested in attending.
Prerequisite: one of the clinics above.
$75/person/day. (Hours tbd)

Fall 2018 - Nacra 15 sailing every weekend through October 15, then the fleet will be sold and/or moved to Florida.

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