Leadership Program - new in summer, 2019

Sailing is an ideal platform for gaining confidence and leadership in its own right. However, we want to take the next step by directly providing leadership skills through discussion, leadership training, games, and goal achievement in sailing, marine science, and environmentalism.

Campers will continue to participate in Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp within their age group (11-16). However, those in the Leadership Program will also be pulled aside for Leadership training throughout each day. Approximately 40% of their camp week will be spent participating in leadership training, and 60% spent participating in Sea Adventure Camp with the rest of the campers. Additionally, Leadership students will have a longer day, staying until 4:30 each day. The camp day will be 9 am – 4:30 pm. (If needed, the end time may be pushed back 15 minutes or so, thus ending at 4:45 pm.)

At the conclusion of each Leadership Program, students will receive a certificate of completion. It is also our intention to have a badge system in the fields of sailing, marine science, and environmentalism. Leadership students will work towards a badge during the week. It will not be possible for leadership students to complete all badges during a single week. We are hopeful that a student can complete a badge during the week, but it is not a guarantee. Thus, we anticipate the Leadership Program to be valuable for multiple week attendance. Progress of each student will be tracked so that anyone repeating will be appropriately challenged. Four weeks of the Leadership Program will be offered in 2019.

To quote Vince Lombardi, CISF strongly believes that “leaders are made, not born”. The skills that will be taught are life leadership skills. Our goal is not to create the next group of Sea Adventure Camp Instructors, but to empower students with skills that will enable them to make better decisions, and to lead by understanding what it means to be a leader and how to lead using the leadership style that best suits him or her.

6-8 students will be a part of each Leadership Program. Haley Barber will lead this program and be supported by Jackson Hawkins (an Eagle Scout). Madi & Emma Henry will also be an integral part of the program, as will the entire Sea Adventure Camp Staff.

Those interested in participating should sign up online, plus students must fill out and return a short application. The application can be downloaded here. The cost of the leadership Program is in addition to the cost of Sea Adventure Camp. When registering, please register for the week of camp plus the leadership program of that same week.