Our History


Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation (CISF) , a 501 (c) 3 Foundation, was started in 2000 by Bradford N. Swett, a lifelong sailor with a passion for sailing. Brad’s daughter, Hannah, an accomplished sailor and resident of Jamestown, took over as President of the Foundation when Brad passed away. The Foundation’s mission is to inspire and empower people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities by engaging them with the marine environment of Narragansett Bay through sailing & education.

CISF is guided by our four core Values:

  1. Opportunity – Foster competence and confidence on the water and in the marine environment by offering affordable access to boating opportunities & marine education instruction on Narragansett Bay.
  2. Education – Provide environmental and science-based programming, with a focus on fun and hands-on learning
  3. Stewardship – Through education & personal impact awareness, create generations of informed marine and environmental stewards
  4. Positive Youth Development – Using sailing as a platform for personal growth, provide confidence-building, leadership, & team work opportunities

Since its’ inception, CISF has been assisting sailors on Conanicut Island by providing scholarships to those who want to learn how to sail or compete in regattas at the international level.  The addition of Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp in 2012 expanded CISF’s reach to a much broader base to include non-Jamestown residents as well.

CISF is continually evolving in ways to support the community and engage people with Narragansett Bay. To that end, in 2016, CISF added a full-time educator to the Jamestown School system, funded solely by CISF. CISF Program Director, Haley Barber, fills this role and is both gifted and passionate. CISF’s in-school programming is a part of our larger STEAM Ocean Education Initiative.

CISF has also added a significant number of shoulder season programs. After school sailing (grades 5-8), kayaking (grades 5 – 8), Backyard Explorers (grades 1-4), and Eco-Club (grades 6 – 8) are the main after school programs.

The majority of CISF’s programs are either partially subsidized to make them accessible and affordable to all, or are free.

CISF has grown tremendously from when it was founded. The organization has grown beyond what one man and his family can fund. CISFs endowment now allows us to try new programming and to grow modestly. However, CISF is dependent on public support through donations and grants.

Conanicut Island Sailing Foundation would LOVE to have a permanent home at Fort Getty. It is an ideal environment for marine education and water access. CISF has offered to fundraise to build a facility at Fort Getty from which we can operate year-round. To that end, CISF is pursuing a public-private partnership with the Town of Jamestown to create a community sailing and marine education center in Jamestown at Fort Getty. Any help and support we can garner is very much appreciated! Letters and emails of support can be sent to Meg Myles (CISFSailing@gmail.com), or directly to Jamestown’s Town Council:

Nancy Beye, President 
Mary E. Meagher, Vice President
Erik Brine
Randall White 
Mike White

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CISF Survey + Feedback

We strive to make Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp the best that it can be every season. Parent and camper feedback is crucial to our continued success. Please download a survey/feedback form and either mail it in or e-mail it to CISF Executive Director, Meg Myles.