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Session 2: May 2 – June 3

Registration opens April 25

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Session 2 Spring Programs:
• Eco-Club, grades 5-8, Monday’s, 3:30 – 5 pm
This project-based program is perfect for those in grades 5-8 who are budding environmentalists! This program will include hands-on and community projects around the themes of bird and nature conservation. Building bird houses, learning about how to best protect birds and ospreys on Jamestown, and running a community event to share our knowledge are just some of the exciting things we have planned for this Spring!
Where: CISF’s Fort Getty Tent
When: 3:30-5 pm, Monday’s
Cost: $50/person

Backyard Explorers, grade 3, Monday’s and grade 4, Wednesday’s; 2:40 – 4 pm
Students will explore, adventure, and learn about the natural world. Children will explore the outdoor environment at school once a week for five weeks with Ms. Haley Barber. The students will be picked up from their classes after school.
Where: Melrose School
When: 2:40-4 pm
Cost: $50/person

K-2 Nature Explorers, grades K-2, Thursday’s
Children in grades K- 2 are once again invited to explore the natural world at Fort Getty every Thursday. They will spend time exploring and learning about the diverse ecosystems at Fort Getty. Late spring is an amazing time to watch and investigate all the rebirth of our surroundings.
Where: CISF’s Fort Getty Tent
When: 3:30-5 pm, Thursday’s
Cost: $90/person

Outdoor Rocks!, grades 2-8, Tuesday’s
Come explore and climb the rocks at Beavertail and Fort Getty with us! This program is perfect for adventurers who love to be outside and exploring. We will spend the first two weeks meeting at Beavertail and hiking the rocks there, and the last three weeks at our favorite Fort Getty.
When: 3:30-5 pm, Tuesday’s
Cost: $90/person

Intermediate Sailing, grades 4 – 5, Friday’s
Calling all 4th and 5th grade sailing enthusiasts! While it may not be warm enough to get on the water every day yet, there is still so much to learn and do to get ready for the summer sailing season. All 4th and 5th graders with a passion for sailing, whether beginner, intermediate, or advanced, are encouraged to join our Intermediate Sailing class on Fridays, where we will learn about basic sailing terms and rules, points of sail, and parts of the boat.  We will also learn about chart basics, current, tide, wind, and weather patterns that affect sailing through hands-on activities and games. Hopefully we will be able to spend a few days on the water as well (weather and temperature permitting)! All participants must come prepared for cold weather with gear to keep them dry and warm.
Where: CISF’s Fort Getty Tent
When: 3:30-5 pm, Friday’s
Cost: $100/person


Home-School Programs

SPRING, 2022:
Session 1: March 21 – April 29
Session 2: May 2 – June 3

Session 1 Spring Home-school Programs:
• Junior Nature Explorers
Children between the ages of 5 and 7 will explore the natural world together at Fort Getty during this program for young home-schooled children. They will visit the Fox Hill Salt Marsh, rocky shores, and nature trails to learn, explore, climb, build, and create! We will be observing the changes that happen in nature during spring as the world comes back to life. Every week will include exploration, play, nature art, science, and craft projects.
Where: CISF’s Fort Getty tent
When: 10 am – 12 pm, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s
Cost: $220/person

• Home-School Grades 3-8, Farming and Weather Systems
For the second session of our spring homeschooling program, children in grades 3-8 will be working on their gardening skills and learning about the complex weather systems of Narragansett Bay! One day a week we will be focusing on Farming at Fox Hill Farm, starting seeds, planning, growing, and tending to a garden, and . The other day each week will be focused on weather systems, learning about the water cycle, wind patterns, current, tide, and extreme weather; and how it affects us as sailors, farmers, and people who live by the ocean.
Where: CISF’s Fort Getty tent
When: 12:30-3 pm, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s
Cost: $300/person

If interested in learning more about our Homeschool programs or to get on our home-school email list, please contact Meg Myles ( or Fiona Christie (

Home-school Explorations
(drop-in sessions)

Explorations are on Fridays
Ages 4-15
Cost: $25/person/session
Time: 12-3 pm

• April 29: All About Trees
Through exploration, crafts and games, we will learn all about trees – their parts, how they function, how to identify different types of trees, and, most importantly, how important they are to the ecosystem and to us! 

Friday, May 13th: Sun and Shadows
Experiment and have fun while learning about the sun, light, and shadows. We will create sundials to learn how people told time before clocks, create shadow art, and more!

Friday, May 27th: How Sailboats Work
Learn how boats work through hands-on activities and experiments. Participants will learn about the forces that help sailboats float and sail, and then design their own boats to test in the bay! And of course, if weather permits, we will go out sailing as well!

Friday, June 3rd: Kayaking Adventures
Come spend your Friday exploring the Fox Hill Salt Marsh and Narragansett Bay on Kayaks! Participants will ride on double or single kayaks depending on their age and comfort level, and get to enjoy this watersport while also seeing what marine creatures and sea birds we share this beautiful area with! (Life jackets are available for all who need them.)

Come and spend a Friday afternoon learning and exploring hands on outside at Fort Getty! This Spring we will have days focused on geology, STEM challenges, sun and shadows, all about trees, and more!

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Session 1: September 12 – October 14
Session 2: October 17 – November 18

Session 1 Fall After-School Programs
After-school Sailing, grades 3-8
After-school Kayaking, grades 5-8
Backyard Explorers, grades 1 and 2

Session 2 Fall After-School Programs
Eco-club, grades 5-8
Backyard Explorers, grades 3 and 4
K-2 Nature Exploration
Nature Art, grades 4-6
And, more programs to come

FALL Home-School Sessions, 2022

Session 1: September 12 – October 14, Sailing and Marine Science
Session 2: October 17 – November 18
, Survival Skills and Natural Science

Program Payment: By check or credit card via our website.

Scholarship information: CISF scholarship applications will be rolling throughout the year for those who need financial assistance to participate in CISF-offered programs. CISF does not want cost to prevent children from participating in our programs.
To learn more about applying for a scholarship contact Meg Myles,, or fill out an online application:

Scholarships will be awarded based on need.

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