Counselor-in-Training Information

Counselor-in-Training Application & Information

Being a Counselor-in-Training is a great leadership opportunity for children ages 13-16. Ideally, candidates for Jamestown  Sea Adventure Camp’s CIT program have attended Sea Adventure Camp for at least 2 weeks as a camper before taking a CIT role. However, anyone is welcome to apply.

Below is a list of skills & expectations for applicants. While applicants are not expected to be competent in all of the areas outlined below, they should have a strong desire to learn and to improve their skills and knowledge in all areas. An applicants temperament is also critical.

This is a volunteer position. We do not pay individuals until they are full-time instructors. This is an opportunity for individuals who are passionate about working with youth in an outdoor setting.

Counselors in Training (CITs) get the best of both worlds – their role is part camper and part staff. CITs participate in daily camp activities while practicing the skills and responsibilities of JSAC staff. While having fun, they will also learn life skills, teamwork, and a strong work ethic.

The following is a list of skills & expectations that are considered when a person applies to be a CIT.  Many of these skills will be practiced throughout their time as Counselor-in-Training.

Sailing expectations:
Be able to rig Hobie-cats & O’pen Skiffs
Tying basic knots
Comfortable tacking and gybing

Science/outdoor skills:
Comfortable handling creatures from the marsh
Be able to, or learn how to, identify specimens

Open to learning and growing
Open, kind, and encouraging to all people
Expected to “work” first, socialize second
The first priority is being present with the campers

Other skills/responsibilities:
Must be ready to learn from/ follow directions from Instructors
Must be ready to jump in and help wherever needed
Model good behavior, set the example, use appropriate language (you are a role model and younger campers are watching!)
Be a friend to all campers. Encourage nervous or struggling campers.
Be inclusive.
Approach camp with a positive attitude – your enthusiasm is contagious!
Communicate with the staff you are working with – ask how you can help and do your best to perform any tasks or responsibilities they give you.
Leave disciplining other campers up to the full-time staff
Model good behavior

Responsibilities examples: helping set up or clean up camp, games, and crafts, helping run tie-dye, playing and going into the water with campers, and helping to engage/ include campers who are left out or shy.


Space is limited as we only have room for a certain number of CIT’s each week. If you are not chosen to be a CIT, please apply again another year.

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CISF Survey + Feedback

We strive to make Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp the best that it can be every season. Parent and camper feedback is crucial to our continued success. Please download a survey/feedback form and either mail it in or e-mail it to CISF Executive Director, Meg Myles.