2022 Annual Fund

Imagine the freedom of flying across the open water, the wind whipping through your hair, the sun on your face.

Imagine the freedom of knowing that you can navigate a sailboat, with the help of some of your newly-made friends, even though you’re “only a kid.”

Imagine the freedom of learning in an open, supportive environment guided by funny, energetic, and skilled instructors.

CISF provides programs and opportunities to youth so they can experience this kind of freedom. Children have the opportunity to experience sailing and explore the marine environment around them while making new friends, learning new skills, and experiencing a whole new kind of freedom. They gain confidence, learn teamwork, and are instilled with a sense of wonder as they explore the world around them. This kind of freedom promotes confidence and self-esteem, motivation and perseverance, which are the keys to success. Freedom allows children the experience to feel like they have control over their lives, fostering self-reliance. It allows them to become good decision-makers.

Watching children experience this kind of freedom – many for the first time – lights us up! It’s rewarding to watch them learn and grow right in front of our very eyes. It is obvious that our mission — to inspire and empower people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities by engaging them with the marine environment of Narragansett Bay through sailing and education – matters a lot.

“The value of unstructured yet supervised play with peers is immeasurable- the time spent in the woods building forts or poking around on the beach at Fort Getty fosters creative play, leadership skills, and collaboration with peers….. and is just plain old fun!”
                                                              –  Parent of a child in CISF Programs

Currently our programs are youth-centric. One of our goals, however, is to create more adult and family programs – adult sailing, marine education, outdoor experiences, and more. You can help us add programming and serve more people, while continuing to offer children the opportunity to experience the freedom of sailing and exploring.

Our goal is to raise $20,000 by December 31. We hope you’ll make a generous contribution today to help us continue engaging and inspiring youth, adults and families through high-quality, local programming! Thank you in advance for your support!


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Questions: Contact Meg Myles
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CISF Survey + Feedback

We strive to make Jamestown Sea Adventure Camp the best that it can be every season. Parent and camper feedback is crucial to our continued success. Please download a survey/feedback form and either mail it in or e-mail it to CISF Executive Director, Meg Myles.